Thank you.

[[hahahahaha yes]]

[[hahahahaha yes]]

I’m not sure I like this life either…

I like the beings here in the Overworld. Just not to fond of the one who put this name tag on me.

I’m so dizzy right now…

[[As you can guess from that post, I got here safe and sound, still a bit of a hassle trying to sort things out and move boxes but that’s to be expected.

No full internet for me yet, just using the library!]]

I feel that love is a word used to describe a deep emotion and a strong bond, so no I do not love-love anyone right now. I don’t want to say I love something without having built up a bond with them first.

Your love is a precious thing to give and it is also a bad thing to have broken, so I hope you know what I mean when I say this.

askhannaandmobs asked: Stay safe and good Lucky to go the new house! UuU

[[Thank you friend (^ω^) ]]

Moving Hiatus

[[I am moving house which means I will be without internet for a while! I am screen-shotting some asks to work on despite the lack of internetty-ness. Although with all the stress and pain in my legs I may just go to sleep for the next three weeks…

_ノ乙(、ン、)_  ]]

That would be a mean and uncivil thing to do Mr. Anon.

[[Mod: I’m so sorry but that ‘handsome’ anon made me laugh way too hard. forgive me.]]