[ mod: I made little pixels of Ghasty and Djast. :> Sorry for the inactivity everyone! I’ve been having a busy/rough last few days but I’ll be getting back to questions soon. 

If you would like a pixel person just send in a reference sheet of your character. I might do a few. :D ]

[[oh mah gawd that is just so precciooooousss]]

I-i guess i’m just used t-to the seas of lava…

If I can post messages here to you all, who I, uh, am pretty sure you are not all in the Nether, I can you know get messages to the Overworld. Although I have to trust the mod in writing them for me.



Don’t make assumptions about me, and don’t be so rude.

T-thank you..


…I-I mean…

S-She just has really p-pretty eyes is all…

B-But I d-d-doubt she even… even likes me or a-anything…

[ m!a truth 2/5 ]

…nailed it….

[[First time with Hexels!]]

[[First time with Hexels!]]